Dacio. Male. 17. My blog is a weird mix of anime and How to Train your Dragon stuff. I make shitty gifs. NSFW at times. My icon comes from here (using it with the artist's permission).

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juliet0hara replied to your post:  Why does Ruffnut have so many le…

She has a way more lines in the episode with the Scauldron, though. I don’t think you’re there yet. Either way, it’s a shame they don’t use her more.

 Nope I’m not there yet, but I was aware of the Scauldron episode. I’m looking forward to it xD

 Why does Ruffnut have so many less speaking lines than the other characters?

Dork moments (*≧m≦*)

MIKOSHIBA MOMOTAROU! I’m a first-year in the Samezuka Swim Team! My speciality is the backstroke! 


Nefertimon for another article lmao

Also one of my favorite Digimon

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OMG Toothless !

Eating a balanced diet is part of your training!


our cutie sea otter momochan