18 Apr 2014


Name: Shiryumon

Level: Rookie/Child

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Small Dragon

Field: Dragon’s Roar, Virus Busters


-Sapphire Flame: Breathes out blue flames

-Sky Claw: Attacks with claws infused with light

-Sun Speck: Spits out a bright spark of light that explodes upon impact

Evolution Line: Opamon -> Pokamon -> Shiryumon -> Hoshiryumon -> Taiyoryumon -> Auriemon -> Auriemon Ascension Mode

Gender: Masculine

Mental age: 7-8 human years

About: Shiryumon is another anomaly in the group. Childlike and filled with wonder, he’s energetic and loves to play, especially with Naoki and the other Digimon. It’s hard to get this guy to sit still and focus on anything, that’s for sure. He apparently grew up in a small village in the Digital World, but attempts to get him to elaborate on his origins are near impossible and met with failure, as he finds talking about it “boring” and would much rather ask questions than answer them. Shiryumon loves and respects Naoki greatly, but often disobeys the boy’s pleas to stay put and out of trouble due to a desire to interact with the big, exciting world around him. He’s often the first to act in the group as a result, much to his partner’s chagrin, but miraculously he seems to do alright for himself.

18 Apr 2014


Angry Hoshiryumon~

I put so much effort into drawing backgrounds, like, so proud of myself, whole 3 minutes haha sob

18 Apr 2014


Since I’m busy at the office again, I’ll just post a few older things.

Here’s yet another picture of Hoshiryumon, but this time a bit more realistic? I was wondering how he’d look like.

So while he’s still an “eastern dragon”, he is not snake-like, he’s bulky and a bit chubby, and has both animal and komodo dragon traits - he walks on the ground like a large lizard, and he’s rather slow and clumsy, so he prefers to hover slightly above the ground rather than walk. 

His wings grew and are functional now, but they are not what gives him the ability to fly - like most “eastern dragons”, he does not need them, as he uses some sort of energy to soar through the air.  Hoshiryumon is around 6*5 feet tall at shoulder height, and his body temperature is (like Shiryumon’s) noticeably higher than one would expect from an “average animal”; because of this many say it feels as if he emits an aura of soothing warmth, reminiscent of sunlight.

He has two Holy Rings on his front paws now, and they provide good protection against “pureblood” demon Digimon, as well as increase the power of his abilities and enable him to purify places and creatures that were plagued by any dark energies.

18 Apr 2014


thoughts about Shiryumon’s design~

I like the idea of him looking slightly like a statue of sorts even in his Child form, with all the intricate swirl-like scales and small spikes. The kind that are used to ward evil spirits away, since I feel that this “guardian spirit” theme will be prominent through his evolutions, up to Ultimate, when he finally acquires his true form - that of an angel. 

Besides, Hoshiryumon, his Adult form, is basically a cross of a japanese\eastern dragon, and a shisa, having both mammalian and reptilian traits, and resembles a living statue even more, in a way. So if I were to draw him slightly more detailed, this is how I’m probably gonna do it.  

18 Apr 2014


A somewhat final design of Shiryumon’s Champion\Adult form, Hoshiryumon. Now, this is an eastern dragon, and while he looked like this in his early designs, we decided to make him more robust and, uh, chubby, because Shiryumon is like that, as well as simplify his design a bit, while still trying to keep him looking like an EASTERN dragon. So this is what we settled on.

Description: It is a holy beast, a creature that has the shape of an eastern dragon. It has shimmering white scales and a golden mane, horns and claws, and is clad in golden armor, as well as has two Holy Rings on its wrists. Its body emits a faint glow, and it can produce northern lights when flying and at its full power. The dragon can purge places plagued by dark energies and demons. It is said that the two glowing orbs have Heaven’s light contained in them, and the creature itself appears to represent the skies, sun, and all its phenomenons. 

Hoshiryumon usually hovers above the ground, and doesn’t walk on its legs, but when it does, it moves somewhat like a comodo dragon, because of its long body and short lizard-like legs.

Despite that Hoshiryumon looks like a dragon, he possesses the same strengths and powers an Angel Digimon would. 

Hoshiryumon, while looking regal, still retains his child-like personality Shiryumon had, and he is a very gentle and timid creature. He has great power within him, but he can’t yet unlock his full potential due to lack of experience.

18 Apr 2014


Hooray more profile pictures for the Blackout blog~

18 Apr 2014


OKAY random Digimon sketches.

Actually not that random, these are all Blackout’s minor and secondary characters.

Patamon was one of the members of an expedition that was exploring several ancient ruins in the Digital World several years prior the beginning of the story, but the expedition disappeared without a trace, and everyone were assumed to be dead.

Gaomon is one of the few Digimon who are working for Eos, and he resides in their HQ in Tokyo, helping out the scientists. 

Palmon is actually a partner to one of the agents from the US, and she and her partner are considered ones of the best there are. She is also one of the few partner Digimon who managed to evolve to the Ultimate/Perfect level over the years, and she is seen as Lilimon most of the time. 

Monodramon and his human partner were found dead (well, his human was) two months before the story took place, and their deaths was actually what set things in motion. 

18 Apr 2014


Hey guys

I rewatched a few episodes from Digimon Adventure 02 because of my favourite Digimon Hawkmon <3

Hawkmon is so awesome and the perfect partner for Yolei/Miyako. So I decided to draw both of them and choose my favourite Armor Digivolution Shurimon for the background.